Precision fermentation manufacturer Cauldron has announced it is partnering with Boston Bioprocess to build a path to industrial scale production for its feed and fiber products.

Cauldron is the second Australian precision fermentation brand to announce a collaboration with Boston Bioprocess in the past few weeks – Nourish Ingredients is also cooperating with the US-based firm to scale its animal-free fat production. 

Cauldron CEO and Co-founder, Michele Stansfield, said, “Cauldron and Boston Bioprocess’s partnership supports the ecosystem, bringing together Boston Bioprocess’s best in class process development capabilities with Cauldron’s manufacturing expertise and hyper-fermentation technology.”

Cauldron partners with Boston Bioprocess to scale production
Michele Stansfield, Cauldron Ferm

Producing animal-free proteins and fats at scale is viewed as an ongoing challenge for start-ups in precision fermentation due to the cost of bioreactors. Taste, price parity, and meeting regulatory certifications are also factors precision fermentation firms in Australia are grappling with. 

Boston Bioprocess CEO Michael Tai, PhD said, “Transitioning to industrial-scale production is about finding the best partner for a client’s particular strain and particular product. Working more closely with Cauldron allows us to minimize the pain of tech transfer and shorten the time to market for those clients that could benefit from Cauldron’s assets and unique technology.” 

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