Watch Vow’s co-founder, George Peppou, and Monash University’s Paul Wood debate the economics, environmental impact and overall viability of cultivated meat at our recent CellAg Summit.

The inaugural CellAg Summit was hosted in Sydney in June, and saw leaders from cell cultivation and precision fermentation take the stage to discuss the biggest opportunities and obstacles inherent in the cellular agriculture sector.

According to a post-event survey, the most popular session from the one-day conference was a debate which saw Peppou and Wood go head-to-head, debating whether or not cultivated meat can be scaled cost effectively, and to the point where it can make a genuine impact on global food security.

Moderated by the CSIRO’s Michelle Colgrave, the debate took on a ‘Jeopardy’ style format, with Peppou and Wood sharing their differing opinions on themes including sustainability, regulation and rules, tech time, scale it and just eat it.

The duo discuss the cost of media formulations, the importance of renewable energy in honouring sustainability claims, whether or not cultivated meat is nutritionally equivalent to animal proteins and if there are any specific food safety concerns that cultivated meat companies need to consider.

Watch the video in full below.

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