Novel foods think tank Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) announced it has formed a strategic partnership with The Good Food Institute APAC (GFI APAC).

CAA said that following a series of discussions with GFI APAC, the two organisations had identified numerous areas of synergy between what they hoped to achieve in Australia and the larger APAC region. 

Cellular agriculture refers to the use of cells and innovative technologies to produce new ingredients, food, and agricultural products, such as cultivating meat from animal cells or using precision fermentation to create dairy proteins.

Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with The Good Food Institute APAC.
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“We’ve increasingly observed that the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Australia are often regionally relevant, and vice versa,” CAA said in a LinkedIn post. “So, working together with GFI APAC will help us amplify our impact and achieve greater coordination of efforts.

“Ultimately, we believe that working together will enable both of our organisations to elevate our positive impact and strengthen the APAC cellular agriculture and alternative protein ecosystems.”

CAA noted that with Australia’s strong trade connections with Asian markets and growing consumer demand for alternative proteins, the broader APAC region was significant for the Australian cellag sector. It said the partnership was a “fantastic means of establishing a two-way dialogue between the cellular agriculture ecosystem in Australia and across the APAC region.”

CAA said that the initial collaboration will focus on projects such as: uncovering research white spaces to provide a clear, up-to-date snapshot of the R&D trajectory for alt proteins across APAC; and industry engagement to align on preferred nomenclature and messaging for the APAC precision fermentation ecosystem.

2023 inaugural CellAg Summit hosting by CAA and Future Alternative.

Founded in 2020, CAA’s mission is to build the ecosystem to position Australia as a leader in cellular agriculture and to enable its impact potential.

In addition to the GFI APAC partnership, CAA also recently announced that it will be cooperating with researchers from Australia’s Deakin University to address the consumer knowledge gap regarding cellular agriculture.

Headquartered in Singapore, GFI APAC is Asia’s leading alternative protein think tank, accelerating a shift away from industrial animal agriculture through open-access food science R&D, corporate engagement, and policy advocacy.

GFI APAC published its first Alt Proteins State of the Industry Report in November of last year.

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