800 Coles stores around Australia will this week add a range of Get Plant’d plant-based deli and roast meats to their shelves.

Made from plant-based ingredients such as seitan and textured soy protein, the Get Plant’d range is operated by the Cale & Daughters umbrella company, which also oversees brands including Plant Asia and Made With Plants.

Coles will stock the following Get Plant’d products:

  • Meat Free Bacon
  • Meat Free Deli-Style Pepperoni
  • Meat Free Deli-Style Chicken Slices
  • Meat Free Roast Duck
  • Meat Free Roast Pork
  • Meat Free Roast Chicken Fillets

“We’re extremely excited to offer Coles shoppers a fresh selection of plant-based meats that cook, smell, and taste like their traditional counterparts. It’s been some time since deli-style vegan meats have been readily available for Aussie shoppers nationwide. We believe that Get Plant’d Deli-Style Pepperoni and Deli-Style Chicken slices will offer a compelling choice for plant-curious customers,” Cale & Daughters founder, Cale Drouin said.

“In Australia, there is a growing segment of flexitarian customers who will happily choose plant-based pepperoni for their pizza, or opt for plant-based chicken in their sandwiches, provided these options are tasty, accessible, and convenient.

“The whole Get Plant’d range places an emphasis on delicious taste and ease of functionality. Our goal is to make it simple for shoppers to pick-up a plant-based meat, and to enjoy this product as part of their favourite meals or snacks. People can Get Plant’d without having to commit to specific dietary choices full-time,” he said.

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