Australia think tank Food Frontier released a map laying out all companies in the Australian and New Zealand alternative proteins industry. 

Food Frontier says the map – which was published late last year – encompasses all firms operating in the plant-based meat, cellular agriculture (cultivated meat and precision fermentation) and plant-based protein ingredients categories that the think tank is aware of.

Food Frontier ANZ alternative proteins map
ANZ alternative proteins company map by Food Frontier.

According to the map, there are currently 44 alternative protein companies operating in ANZ, with the category breakdown being plant-based meat manufacturing (25), cellular agriculture (13), and plant protein ingredient suppliers (6).

Food Frontier also breaks down the proportion of companies by region, with the majority of companies making their home in New South Wales (14), followed by Victoria (11), Queensland (5), South Australia (2), Australia Capital Territory (2), Western Australia (1) and Tasmania (1). 

In terms of breakdown by country, Australia is home to 36 of the companies listed, with New Zealand housing the remaining 8, according to the map.    

Food Frontier said it invites any Australian or New Zealand companies not listed to get in touch and share about their products. 

In addition, Food Frontier also offers a AU & NZ Alternative Proteins Company Directory providing information on all of the 44 companies in list format.

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