[PODCAST] Nourish Ingredients CEO James Petrie talks us through hybrid proteins, fermented fats and the next steps for the company.

We’ve been hearing a lot about animal-free precision fermented dairy products here at Future Alternative, but on our latest podcast episode we look at something a little bit different. We speak to James Petrie, CEO of Nourish Ingredients, an Australian food tech start-up that is focused on bringing the flavour to alt-proteins through precision fermented fats and oils.
James and the team at Nourish have been keeping a low profile until their recent significant Series A fund raise, which put a spotlight on the company. James talks about the drivers behind the Nourish operation that is producing “animal-free animal fats”, just what the new funds will mean in terms of products and production capability, and the possibility of culturing previously unexplored meat types.
We also hear from James about the potential of “hybrid” alt-protein products, Nourish’s intention to target a mainstream audience, and what the applications of the company’s products will be in both plant-based and cell-based proteins.
Listen to the full conversation with James below.

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  1. Good discussion – this one has the most chance of commercial success of many – also, the likelihood of significant impact on a much larger scale than the standard alt-protein space.

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