[PODCAST] There’s certainly no shortage of plant-based meat products on retailers’ shelves today, so for manufacturers, finding a point of difference is more important than ever.

Plant-based food-tech start-up, Green Rebel, looks to have found its unique place in the market, producing meat alternatives with authentic South East Asian flavours. The business has launched what it calls its “whole cut” plant-based Beefless Steak and Chick’n Steak in Indonesia, and further throughout Southeast Asia, using its “Rebel Max” emulsion technology.

Headquartered in Singapore and with production based in Indonesia, Green Rebel has also collaborated with an Indonesian steakhouse and is producing plant-based tasty cheese, mayonnaise and other flavoured products specifically tailored to the South East Asian palate.

Max Mandias.

Max Mandias is Green Rebel’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, and he joined us to talk about his personal journey as a chef, the Green Rebel story, and the company’s plans for the Australian market.

Listen to the full conversation with Mandias below.

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