WK Kellogg Co has launched what it claims to be its first fully plant-based cereal brand.

According to the company, the new cereal –  called Eat Your Mouth Off – contains 22 grams of plant-based protein, 0 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of net carbs or less per serving. 

WK Kellogg's new plant-based cereal Eat Your Mouth Off.
Eat Your Mouth Off plant-based cereal. Image via WK Kellogg.

Spun off of multinational giant Kellogg’s in October 2023, WK Kellogg is currently responsible for all of the company’s cereal business in North America. The company says the launch of Eat Your Mouth Off aligns with its strategy to diversify its portfolio in response to shifting consumer preferences towards health foods and plant-based options.

Many of Kellogg’s best-known cereal brands, such as Special K or Mueslix, contain added dairy ingredients such as whey powder, milk powder, or yoghurt, making them incompatible with a vegan diet.

Moreover, while other well-known cereal products like Bran Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Fruit & Fibre do not contain any dairy ingredients or honey, they are fortified with Vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin, a wax secreted from sheep’s wool. 

According to reports from Vegconomist, a past petition urging the company to switch to only using plant-based vitamins had received thousands of signatures. 

WK Kellogg's new plant-based cereal Eat Your Mouth Off.
Image via WK Kellogg.

Sadie Garcia, senior marketing director at Kellogg Company, said in a statement: “Crafted specifically for Zillennials in pursuit of a brand that mirrors their unique personalities, our latest creation is an unfiltered expression of the no-nonsense ethos that we, as a brand, represent. There’s no sugarcoating here — it’s a high-protein option that doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

Eat Your Mouth Off cereal will be available at US retailers nationwide starting this month. WK Kellogg has yet to indicate when the product will be available overseas.

The plant-based cereal launch follows a trend of US food manufacturing giants forming spin-offs to satisfy the growing plant-based category – KRAFT launched its first plant-based mac & cheese product late last year in a joint venture with TheNotCompany. 

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