Global taste and nutrition company, Kerry, says its recently announced partnership with Unigrain will support the creation of high quality dairy alternative products and enhance the plant-based category in the APAC region.

The collaboration with Unigrain, a producer of plant-based food and beverage ingredients, is about creating a “unique dairy alternative expertise ecosystem”, where other ingredient and processing suppliers are invited to be part of the collective, and where food and beverage manufacturers can access ingredients, R&D and processing solutions for oat-milk and other oat-based products.

According to a statement issued by Kerry, both companies will recommend each other’s solutions to their customers and the pair will also co-create a range of applications to showcase to their APAC customers.

Christine Giuliano, managing director, Kerry Australia and New Zealand, said “We are excited to be collaborating with Unigrain. As our current supplier of oat flour, Unigrain is now our partner to drive an ambitious plant-based growth plan in keeping with Asia Pacific’s fast-growing dairy alternative industry, estimated at more than US$5 billion, with an expected 16.3 percent CAGR to reach US$12 billion by 2028.

“Combining our end-to-end capabilities with Unigrain’s unique oat expertise and production infrastructure, we are excited to be the force for change in the next phase of growth in the dairy alternative space.”

Fiona May, co-CEO of Unigrain, said the partnership will help to drive awareness and category growth in APAC’s dairy alternative sector.

“In Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, oat milk has overtaken almond as the number two dairy alternative among new product development in the region. As the leading oat expert in Australia and Asia, our investment in advanced oat milk and oat ingredient production will help drive multiple benefits to these markets.

“With our combined expertise, we provide an incredibly strong offering that can deliver highly optimised solutions and enable the development and manufacture of high quality sustainable functional ingredients, bringing significant value to customers,” she said.

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