All G Foods’ Love BUDS brand will debut as the first and only plant-based protein at the Meatstock Australia barbecue festival.

The festival, which – thanks to COVID – has been scratched from diaries for the past two years, is taking place in Melbourne this weekend, boasting a two day program of barbecue and grilling competitions, butcher wars, demonstrations and a barbecue expo.

Subsequent Meatstock festivals will also be held in Toowoomba next month and in Sydney in May.

For the first time, attendees will be able to sample plant-based proteins, with Love BUDS serving up its burgers and Italian sausages.

Love BUDS will also host blind tastings, where members of the public will guess if their sample was meat or a Love BUDS plant-based alternative.

“There’s a belief that plant-based is trying to trick people into eating it. So, we wanted to join with our meaty mates to once and for all say what no one else is. We are not meat. We’re not trying to compete with meat but instead encourage meat lovers to rethink plant-based protein as simply another taste and texture option,” said Tom Dusseldorp, Love BUDS’ chief marketing officer.

Meatstock co-founder, Jay Beaumont, said “It’s about time we debuted a plant-based protein at Meatstock Australia. Festivalgoers are in for a real treat”.

Last month, All G Foods announced it had secured a multi-million dollar investment from W23, Woolworths’ venture capital fund, following a $16 million seed raise in September 2021.

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