The plant-based “regenerative chocolate” brand has opened up to investors as it seeks to expand its range and impact.
Since its launch in 2007, Loving Earth’s range has become available in over 1400 retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand and can be found in six countries outside Australia. The company’s product range began with “bean to bar” chocolate but now includes “superfood powder, grain free cereals, nut butters, teas and drinking chocolate.”

Loving Earth say all its products are “plant-based, gluten free, certified organic, kosher and made from minimally processed ingredients” and that sustainability is “considered at every point of production”.

Products are sold in “zero waste packaging, with a range of products sold directly to bulk food stores that sell packaging free food supplies.”

The equity raise, hosted by Birchal, is focused on enabling the company to grow its retail offering and expand its market footprint further abroad. Loving Earth also aims to maintain its reputation as a “purpose led brand” and capitalise on Australia’s $7.1 billion online grocery market with the public offering.
The company considers itself a “disruptor” and pioneer that has “been at the forefront of many initiatives that are now a norm within the (confectionery) industry”, such as “plant-based chocolate, fair-trade regenerative farming, and transparent supply chains”.

Scott Fry, Loving Earth’s founder and director said “the demand for food products that are good for you and good for the planet is growing, and it’s up to us to meet the need”. Fry added that it was an opportunity for investors to have their own “Willy Wonka moment” by

Loving Earth is also expected to launch a new range of “superfood infused chocolate bars” before the end of the year. The company’s crowd funding campaign is open to the public now.

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