Aussie cultivated meat brand Magic Valley has announced the launch of an open waitlist for consumers to try their range of products at an exclusive tasting event later this year.     

The company said on LinkedIn that participants can experience recently launched items from cultivated gourmet pork dumplings to lamb meatballs, products that have henceforth only been available to those invited to exclusive tastings.

“We’ve held exclusive tastings and gathered meaningful feedback from a diverse array of guests representing various sectors with a keen interest in future technology, future food tech, and the alternative protein industry – including food critics and chefs,” Magic Valley said on their social media. “We’ve also conducted consumer research showing keen interest. The consensus is clear – cultivated meat is here to stay, and it will be a game-changer when it launches in the market.”

Those who sign up for the waitlist will receive updates on event details, including the date, location, and their waitlist status.

As cultivated meat has only been approved for commercial sale in the US, Singapore, and Israel, tasting events have thus far served as the primary channel for the public to experience such products. 

Fellow Australian brand Vow, for example, held Europe’s first cultivated meat tasting in Iceland in March, with attendees including Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir.

Magic Valley, meanwhile, recently debuted its new cultivated pork bao buns with its lamb meatball products earlier this year at tastings in Brunswick and North Melbourne, respectively.

In a recent interview with Future Alternative, Founder & CEO Paul Bevan emphasised that unlike brands like Vow, Magic Valley’s aim was still to develop affordable products for mainstream consumers rather than niche items for high-end restaurants. He noted how it was their technology’s scalability and cost effectiveness that afforded them the ability to distribute widely through both general retail and food service channels.   

Magic Valley held a tasting for its cultivated lamb meatballs in Melbourne.
Cultivated lamb meatballs tasting in Melbourne. Image via Magic Valley.

Cultivated meat is currently only available for consumer purchase in Singapore following GOOD Meat’s launch of its cultivated chicken products at cooperating retailers last month.

Those wishing to sign up for Magic Valley’s tasting event waitlist may do so at this link

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