[PODCAST] Combine the CVs of the team behind Fable Food Co and it makes for quite the read. There’s a meat-loving-Texan-chef-turned-mushroom-scientist, an award-winning mushroom farmer, and a self-confessed “washed up entrepreneur”.

Throw in the support of an internationally acclaimed fine dining chef and you’ve got yourself one of Australia’s most promising start-up brands.

Fable Food Co is a plant-based protein company, celebrating the “meatiness” of mushrooms.

“We’ve learned a lot from [Heston] over the last couple of years. He’s been a great customer and supporter of ours.”

– Michael Fox, Fable Food Co

In this episode, Michael Fox, the aforementioned seasoned entrepreneur, explains how a pearl of wisdom from Heston Blumenthal convinced him that Fable can help people reduce their meat consumption without mimicking animal proteins.

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