[PODCAST] We’re all well aware that the plant-based food market is enjoying strong growth around the world, and the vast majority of manufacturers are replicating meaty tastes and textures by harnessing soy, wheat or pulse-based protein ingredients – or a combination of the three.

And while there are significant sustainability advantages to using these ingredients over their traditional animal-based counterparts, wheat and soy proteins still present environmental and biodiversity challenges.

Enter The Leaf Protein Co.

“We have a bit of a waiting list going with our sample production, which I guess is a good problem to have.”

Fern Ho, Founder, The Leaf Protein Co

Photo credit: Melissa Hobbs

Co-founded by Fern Ho in September 2020, The Leaf Protein Co is using the world’s most abundant protein source, Rubisco, found in all green leafy plants, to create a uniquely sustainable alternative protein source.

The company has just completed its first pilot scale production, and has manufacturers lining up for samples.

Here to share The Leaf Protein Co’s inspiring story is Fern Ho.

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