[PODCAST] If you were to name the one company that has truly revolutionised plant-based meat production, chances are Impossible Foods would be on the tip of your tongue.

Back in 2011, when the Silicon Valley company was founded, Impossible started with a simple question: “What makes meat taste like meat?” The team worked tirelessly to get the answer.

And that answer, they discovered, is heme, an iron containing molecule abundant in animal tissue. It’s what makes traditional meat so tasty and so cravable. And in a true scientific feat, Impossible has been able to create its own plant-based version. While getting it right was most certainly a journey, it was one that paid off, with the technology behind Impossible’s blushing – almost bleeding – plant-based meat setting the company apart on the world stage, and helping it to raise close to $2 billion since 2011.

“Our intention is to really build local ecosystems, from farmer to consumer, everywhere we go.”

– Nick Halla, Senior VP, International, Impossible Foods

Witnessing it all has been Nick Halla, Impossible’s first hire, and today the Senior Vice President of International. We were thrilled to talk to Nick recently about Impossible’s journey so far, its highly anticipated launch here in Australia and its plans to establish local manufacturing capabilities in markets around the world.

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