[PODCAST] Cellular agriculture, or the process of using cells and biotechnology to create animal-based products, has become quite the buzzy term of late. Slowly but surely, it’s moving from the inner circles of R&D labs and becoming part of the broader food industry’s vernacular.

Yes, cellular agriculture is starting to get tongues wagging, but inarguably, most conversations are around cultivated meat, where animal cells rather than entire animals are used to create edible protein. But as many listeners would know, incredible work is being done in a number of other spaces, including – and perhaps most incredibly – the creation of human breast milk.

Just a handful of people around the world are doing this – working to give new parents who are either unable or unwilling to breastfeed, an alternative that’s as close as possible to the real thing. And, we’re delighted to say that one of those people is based here in Australia. Esha Saxena is co-founder of Me& Food Tech, which markets itself as the world’s first company to be developing cell-based, targeted products that provide functional nutrition to vulnerable babies.

Here, Esha runs through exactly what that means, and sheds light on the many twists and turns involved in bringing this truly unique product to market.

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