[PODCAST] Our foodie friends may remember a time – around 2015 – when one particular restaurant, Lûmé in South Melbourne, was the absolute talk of the town. Every restaurant reviewer had penned their thoughts, it was winning awards left, right and centre, and it had a waitlist a mile long.

Fast forward a few years, and Lûmé’s co-owner and chef Shaun Quade and his marketing guru partner, Veronica Fil, are half way around the world, enjoying incredible success once again. And while they’re still working in food, it’s vastly different to their time in Melbourne.

Shaun and Veronica established Grounded Foods in 2019, packing their bags and heading to the US right before a pesky pandemic set it. Despite all the challenges the past couple of years have thrown at them, Grounded Foods’ plant-based cheeses – which utilise hemp seeds and cauliflower no less – are catching the eyes of consumers and investors alike. Grounded has managed to secure $4.4m ahead of its Series A raise next year, and the brand is enjoying national ranging in Sprouts Farmers Markets and Whole Foods, amongst others.

The Grounded Foods story is absolutely fascinating, and we loved hearing about its rise to glory in our recent chat with co-founder, Veronica Fil.

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