Amit Tewari was in his 20s when he decided to walk away from his medical career and pursue a future in hospitality. With no foodservice experience but a heap of confidence and a strong entrepreneurial streak, Amit would probably be the first to admit that he was in over his head, but, eight years on, it’s clear the risk has paid off.

After founding QSR brand, Soul Burger, in 2015, Amit decided to flip the business model on its head, converting it into a 100 percent plant-based concept, making it Australia’s first wholly vegan burger business.

Fast forward a few years, and Soul Burger has continued to evolve. It now forms part of Amit’s umbrella company, Vegan Food Hub, a collective of three (soon to be four) plant-based restaurant brands.

Here to talk us through Soul Burger’s continued transformation, his observations of Australia’s plant-based scene, and the ambitious plans to scale Vegan Food Hub to over 40 sites (and 200 digital ones) by 2028, is Amit Tewari.

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