It was referred to as both an ‘all-time great food stunt’ and a ‘beacon of hope’. It attracted mainstream media coverage around the globe, and was arguably the biggest story ever generated by an alternative protein company in Australia – possibly the world.

No doubt you saw the headlines. Australia’s largest cultivated meat company, Vow, had done what very few of its peers have been able to do. They’d gotten cellular agriculture – and its impact potential – into the mainstream press. More than that, it went completely viral. The story of how this crazy innovative start-up created a woolly mammoth meatball attracted no less than 13 billion impressions in a matter of days, and was the subject of more than 12,000 articles.

Some two months on from the meatball’s unveiling, the dust has settled and the team at Vow can catch their breath. I jumped on this opportunity to catch up with Vow’s chief scientific officer, James Ryall, and gain some insight into how a relatively small team managed such a mammoth campaign.

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