Market research firm Alternative Proteins Global (APG) hosted Australia’s first women-focused plant-based foods event on International Women’s Day last week in Sydney.  

According to APG, the ‘Women in Sustainable Food Night’ – which was held at the recently opened Greenhouse Climate Tech Hub – drew over 70 attendees from throughout all spheres of the industry.

Host to the activity and APG Head of Events, Cyana Duong said the purpose behind the gathering was to spotlight and empower women in the sustainable food industry. Duong told Future Alternative that the activity, “…served as a platform for women to raise their voices, share insights, and ignite passion.” 

Market research firm Alternative Proteins Global (APG) hosted ‘Women in Sustainable Food Night.’
Image via APG.

Among the event’s numerous speakers were Sarah Qian, Founder & CEO of Compassion Creamery, which recently received a $270,000 grant to develop its world-first oat-based creme cheese.

Other presenters included Dr Reena Sharma, co-founder and CEO of plant-based chicken brand Shandi, World Vegan Guides Founder and CEO Renee Buckingham, and Heartful Flavours co-founder Dr Rebecca Luong.

Women in Sustainable Food Night in Sydney.
Image via APG.

“It was a pleasure to be surrounded by incredible minds, network, showcase our new brand Heartful Flavours and be inspired by the innovation in the plant-based food industry on International Women’s Day,” Dr Luong told Future Alternative. “I hope this event uplifts more women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship knowing that they are not alone, and will be supported by this loving and thriving sustainable food community to accelerate progress together.”

Cyana Duong and Nicholas Dahl of APG.
Cyana Duong and Nicholas Dahl of APG.

Commenting on the results of the gathering, Duong said the event not only highlighted the importance of inclusion and support for women in the sustainable food industry, but presented a strategic opportunity for industry players to tap into female talent, innovation, and market potential. 

“By putting women’s narratives front and center and receiving support from male allies, we sparked a ripple effect of empowerment and inclusivity that reached far beyond the event itself,” Duong said. “I’m very much looking forward to the future of our community and the positive impact we can make together on a global scale!”

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