Sensory Mill, a Forbidden Foods brand, has launched a range of ambient plant-based meat products.

According to a company statement, the range targets consumers looking for more convenient ways to improve their diet.

Produced to be a dry, reheatable product with a shelf life of up to two years, the ambient range will enjoy greater distribution network options, including e-commerce, supermarkets and non-perishable exports.

“Ninety-nine percent of the products out there are refrigerated. You can’t sell them online because of perishability. You also can’t ship them overseas because there’s not a fridge or freezer at every destination. So we think having an ambient product that is dry, with a long shelf life actually alleviates those protein issues in developing countries, and allows for local people to have it sitting in their cupboard for a while, or take it camping,” CEO Marcus Brown told Future Alternative.

The plant-based range – which comprises minced pork, beef and chicken, as well as a burger mix – is free from GMOs, soy, wheat and gluten, and uses sustainably sourced textured pea and fava bean protein.

It will be available via Forbidden Foods’ ecommerce store, which has enjoyed strong growth in recent times, with a roll-out program to Australian and international retailers commencing imminently.

“The plant-based meat market continues to grow amongst consumers, particularly the Millennial and Gen-Z demographics. This revolutionary and unique range of plant-based meats allows consumers to enjoy all the culinary versatility of traditional meats in their normal cooking recipes. It is also easier to store than most competitors’ products as it doesn’t need to be kept in refrigeration and has the added nutritional and environmental benefits of our modern, vegan-friendly ingredients,” said Brown.

“We are continuing to develop further product offerings under the Forbidden Foods Sensory Mill brand to provide our customers with quality products that meet their health and lifestyle requirements.”

Earlier this month, Forbidden Foods, which also owns the FUNCH and Blue Dinosaur brands, released its latest quarterly figures, with gross monthly revenue surpassing $1 million for the first time.

Digital revenue generated $226,000, up almost 525 percent, with e-commerce now accounting for 13 percent of the company’s total revenue.

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