Made by Kade’s mushroom-based Shroomi burger took out the plant-based category and also scored the honour of “Champion Specialty Other Product”.
Judged by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show awards medals across a variety of categories. The plant-based category was introduced in 2021 in response to what Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Committee Chair, Lachlan Bowtell, called “a trend that the Australian ag sector cannot ignore.”
In a challenge to the plant-based sector, the show requires products to contain at least 85 percent Australian ingredients. “We import most of the ingredients for (plant-based) products and we need to develop this sector as an Australian ag sector opportunity,” Bowtell said.
Made by Kade’s vegan and gluten-free Shroomi burger met this 85 percent benchmark and scored highest in the plant-based sector, beating out Gelatissimo’s mango sorbet and Woolworths’ Plantitude Cauliflower Popcorn. With a score of 91.97, the Shroomi burger also took out the Champion Specialty Other Product medal. The category excludes only coffee, preserves and vinegars.
“The standard was very high, across all competitions, and our judges were very pleased with the exhibits. The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show provides invaluable feedback for exhibitors, by the best judges in the country, which will continue to drive product quality going forward,” Bowtell said.

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