The recently launched Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Peptide and Protein Science (CIPPS) aims to develop new proteins for use in food production and medical treatments.

CIPPS is one of nine new Centres of Excellence launched by the federal government’s Australian Research Council, and according to a government statement will “position Australia as an international hub for peptide and protein science to drive new Australian industries.”

The Centre seeks to discover new proteins and peptides in Australian flora and fauna, which could eventually be used for medical treatments and to boost food production.

“The research at CIPPS offers the prospect of using molecules found in Australian nature for everything from low-cost medical treatments to ecofriendly bio-pesticides for sustainable and profitable food production,” said Judi Zielke, ARC chief executive officer.

“CIPPS researchers are also investigating alternative protein sources to feed the world, in partnership with CSIRO and their Future Protein Mission.”

The ARC is providing $35 million in funding over seven years, under the ARC Centres of Excellence scheme, coupled with an additional $54 million and in-kind support from national and international partners.

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