Aussie pet nutrition brand TBH has released its new line of plant-based veggie puff pet treats for dogs made from discarded produce. 

According to the company, each 80-gram pack of the human-grade, vet-formulated puffs contains 2.5 servings of vegetables and is made without artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers.

TBH launched plant-based veggie puff pet treats made from discarded produce.
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Data shows that nearly 30 percent of produce grown in Australia goes to waste. To develop the pet treats, TBH has partnered with NutriV, a firm converting discarded vegetables into powders that can be used to supplement a variety of foods with added nutrition.   

TBH also engaged certified master chef Glen Austin in the development process to achieve the highest quality. 

“Increasingly, humans reflect our own health, wellness, and environmental values on our pets, and it seems our pets are also enjoying the change,” said Blair Triplett, co-founder of TBH in an Inside FMCG report. “The health and nutrition benefits are clear, and dogs love the taste; there has also been considerable interest internationally, which is incredibly exciting”.

The veggie puffs come in three flavours: mixed veggies, mixed veggies and hemp, and pumpkin.

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