Regenerative food brand Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) announced that it has achieved commercial readiness of its lupin fibre product.  

The company said its product is ready following an extensive research and development program in collaboration with a leading European plant-based engineering provider. The lupin fibre is an alternative to traditional fibres in the dietary fibre market, which is currently projected to reach USD $16.3 billion by 2032. 

WOA says its product has a unique composition that gives it properties of both insoluble and soluble fibre, with high water and oil binding capacities, contributing to improved viscosity, stability, and mouthfeel across a diverse range of products.

WOA says that as a lupin is made up of 40% protein and 40% fibre, the fibre is an important co-product for delivering additional value to the project and improving the efficiency of the company’s operation. The firm added the conversion of a manufacturing by-product into a high value fibre ingredient also has the benefit of reducing waste and improving the overall sustainability of WOA’s production cycle.

WOA Interim CEO Matthew Skinner
Matthew Skinner

Newly onboarded WOA CEO Matthew Skinner said in a statement: “This development marks a  significant stride in the food industry, offering a sustainable, nutritionally superior, and versatile alternative to traditional fibres. We believe our lupin fibre will not only meet but exceed consumer expectations, reshaping the way we think about food ingredients and their impact on health and the  environment.”

The company said it expects that the future commercialisation of its lupin fibre will increase the revenue and margin potential of the WOA’s production facility in Germany. WOA became the world’s largest producer of lupin protein late last year after acquiring Germany-based company Prolupin GmbH.

The company recently announced it will sell its regenerative food brand Dirty Clean Food to former company leader Jay Albany, who stepped down as CEO.

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