CH4 Global announced the delivery of its first commercial product for ongoing use to traditional protein producer CirPro Australia.

CEO of CH4 Global, Dr Steve Meller, was in Port Pirie, South Australia to hand deliver the company’s Methane Tamer commercial product to CirPro Australia CEO, Reg Smyth. The sale comes a year after the first international feedlot trial of the initial asparagopsis seaweed supplement.

The company said the improved product will now be commercially sold to CirPro for use at its partner feedlot HB Rural, south of Port Pirie.

Asparagopsis seaweed from CH4 Global
Asparagopsis seaweed from CH4 Global. Image via CH4 Global.

“Our companies are committed to sustainable protein production, but we are also focussed on realised efficiencies, the highest levels of methane reduction, positive commercial outcomes and animal welfare,” Smyth said.

“These four pillars are not negotiable. This first commercial sale and use of Methane Tamer is the foundation for our previously announced partnership and now with the application of Methane Tamer at scale, we will continue to build the best data to date which will progressively inform our operations, our customers and the industry.”

Smyth noted that for 100 cattle in a feedlot for 100 days, the feed will eliminate the equivalent GHG emissions of approximately 100 trips between Sydney and Perth driven by an average petrol-powered passenger vehicle, or 45,000 kilograms of coal burned.

CirPro added it plans to work with CH4 Global to scale to 10,000 cattle daily by early 2025.

Dr Meller said the supply of the Methane Tamer feed supplement to CirPro was the culmination of key efforts to produce a finished product that met or exceeded the consistent quality or product needed to maximise impact delivering the best outcomes for our planet. 

“We have three commercial partners announced for this year and beyond – CirPro, Ravensworth and Sandalwood,” Dr Meller told Future Alternative. “CirPro is the first commercial delivery from our pilot facilities with the others coming in February and March. We are thrilled for this first delivery and our partnership with CirPro and see it expanding in size over time.”

CH4 Global delivers its first commercial product to CirPro Australia.
(L-R) MP for Grey Rowan Ramsey; Steve Meller & Adam Main, CH4; Senator Anne Ruston; State MP for Flinders Sam Telfer. Image via CH4 Global.

CH4 Global also announced this week that it had begun construction on its first full scale EcoPark, at Louth Bay on Eyre Peninsula, where the firm says it will grow and process enough Asparagopsis seaweed to supply up to 30,000 cattle per day in Australia and overseas with Methane Tamer.

The company said the Louth Bay EcoPark will include a seedling hatchery, patented in-land growing approach for Asparagopsis, and harvesting and drying technology.

Dr Meller added that the company expects the facility to be commissioned and operation by the end of this year and starting to supply Methane Tamer at large scale in early in 2025.

The CH4 Global Louth Bay EcoPark will help the company to produce at scale for partners like CirPro.
Plans for Louth Bay EcoPark. Image via CH4 Global.

CH4 Global also recently teamed with South Korean agricultural supply chain brand Lotte to supply Methane Tamer™ to the Lotte-owned Queensland feedlot for up to 7,000 head of cattle. What’s more, the company said it will supply feed to Lotte’s cattle in South Korea as an exclusive partner, with the target set for 2025.

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