Healthy fast food chain, Oliver’s, has welcomed a new kid’s menu, featuring plant-based suppliers including BUDS and IKU.

The menu aims to provide a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, proteins and wholegrains, designed to be enjoyed in the car or during a pit-stop at Oliver’s sites.

“At Oliver’s, encouraging kids to have healthy eating habits from a very young age is a priority even when away from home,” a company statement reads.

Plant-based menu items includes:

  • Oli Junior Burger – BUDS plant-based patty, tomato, green leaves, cheese and tomato relish on a milk bun.
  • Hash Browns – Made from locally grown Sebago potatoes, with hemp seeds
  • Golden Rice Nuggets – IKU organic brown rice nuggets. Made with brown rice, carrot, celery, sesame seeds, parsley and sunflower seeds

View the full menu here.

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