The global plant-based sausage market is expected to record a significant 26.5% CAGR by 2033 as products better mimic animal meat, according to new data. 

The report from Future Market Insights estimates that the market is likely to reach a valuation of US$ 12,936.9 million by 2033, up from a recorded US$ 1,228.1 million in 2023. 

The analysts behind the report attribute the anticipated growth to several key factors, which include health and wellness, environmental concerns, animal welfare, and convenience to prepare.

Taste and texture is also expected to play a significant role as plant-based sausages become increasingly indistinguishable from their conventional meat-based counterparts. 

However, the report also highlights several factors that may potentially impede the market’s growth. 

In terms of price, plant-based sausages can be more expensive than traditional meat sausages, which may deter a few price-sensitive consumers from purchasing them. And while taste and texture are improving, some consumers may still find plant-based sausages inferior to conventional meat sausages. 

Plant-based sausages also face competition from other meat alternatives, such as plant-based burgers and chicken substitutes, which may limit their market share. Moreover, regulatory challenges pertaining to labelling and promotion may inhibit growth in certain markets. 

The report notes that while North America and Europe currently lead the plant-based sausages market, the Asia Pacific market including Australia and New Zealand is also growing rapidly as more companies enter the market and consumer awareness of plant-based products increases.

The plant-based sausage market is expected to hit 26.5% CAGR by 2033.
Plant-based sausages by v2food.

Regarding product types, soy-based protein sausage currently remains the dominant category, with other sources of plant-based sausages including wheat-based, pea-based, and mushroom-based sausages. 

in Australia, plant-based meat innovation is being driven by flexitarians, who are viewed as the key demographic and have higher demands with regards to taste and texture.

Aussie brands v2food and Nourish Ingredients have both recently launched products that they claim enable vegan meats to mimic the colour and smell of cooking animal meat, respectively. 

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