Wide Open Agriculture Limited (WOA) announced this week that its lupine-based Buntine Protein had been integrated into its first two third-party consumer products. 

Western Australia’s CHONK vegan cookies now uses Buntine Protein to create its gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free products. The brand is part of Noshing, a leading vegan food manufacturer in Western Australia.

The second product, is a premium coffee alternative from Italian company Superitalia that uses the former Prolupin isolate LP90 to make an Instant Superfood Cappuccino. WOA says that the product — which is available on Amazon in the US – provides unique attributes available to customers in the US$13bn coffee substitutes market.

“We are immensely proud to witness the debut of Buntine Protein in the consumer market, a great result from our team’s dedication and the innovative spirit of Wide Open Agriculture,” said WOA CEO Matthew Skinner. “These are not just product launches; they are a great leap forward in our mission to deliver sustainable and health-focused food solutions to the global market. We are excited to see how these products will resonate with consumers and pave the way for further innovations.”

WOA this week officially completed its de-merger with its regenerative food brand Dirty Clean Food, which was sold to former CEO Jay Albany. The company also announced earlier this month that its lupin fibre product had achieved commercial readiness

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