Australian precision fermentation company Nourish Ingredients debuted its new ‘Creamilux’ product last month at Future Food Tech in San Francisco.  

James Petrie, Chief Executive Officer at Nourish, explained to Future Alternative the background behind Creamilux and its relationship to sister product Tastlilux, which launched late last year.   

Regarding the key differences between the two products, Petrie says that Tastilux creates an authentic meaty flavour and aroma, while Creamilux serves to create an authentic dairy mouthfeel, taste, and full cream function.

Tastilux by Nourish Ingredients.
Image via Twitter.

Petrie describes Tastilux as a system that contains lipids rich in long-chain omega-6 phospholipids encapsulated within the fungal cell. The product undergoes a mild heat treatment, enabling Tastilux to boost the complex meaty and juicy character of plant-based products.

Creamilux, meanwhile, is a highly potent, low-inclusion lipid that provides emulsification properties to replicate the mouth-coating sensation of full cream.

“Creamilux is a key ingredient that unlocks functionality while preserving the delicious taste of traditional dairy,” said Petrie. “We are initially exploring applications across traditional dairy categories, including cheese, cream, and butter. It can also provide enhancements to non-dairy categories that usually rely on dairy lipids, unlocking new opportunities beyond core dairy applications.” 

James Petrie of Nourish Ingredients debuting Creamilux at Future Food Tech.
James Petrie at Future Food Tech. Image via Twitter.

According to Petrie, Creamilux – like Tastilux – is primarily targeted for the B2B market, with the focus customer being multinational players in global food companies, ingredient manufacturers, and “flavour houses that are exploring emerging food categories and expanding limited animal ingredient streams.”

He said Nourish was looking to work with companies in both traditional categories and alternative products as its products “offer a sustainable solution and value to both.”

Petrie added that with a focus on only the most potent fats, Nourish Ingredients’ precision fermentation processes are designed to be highly scalable and affordable as a result of the low inclusion volumes required. He said the company was currently aiming to have both Tastilux and Creamilux in the market by 2025.

Nourish announced in late 2023 that it would be working with biotech firms Boston Bioprocess in the US and ScaleUp Bio in Singapore to scale up its potent fat production.

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