The Australasian Grain Science Association will next week host a Webinar dedicated to the plant-based sector, focusing on innovations in texturisation.

The webinar will be held on Friday 10 March at 3pm (AEST), and will be presented by Dr Roman Buckow, chief technology officer at All G Foods and adjunct professor of food engineering at the University of Sydney.

Buckow previously worked as a scientist and research manager at the CSIRO, where he advanced the science and commercialisation of sustainable processing solutions for the quality, safety and health attributes of grains, meat and dairy.

The free webinar will discuss the current state of grain-based protein concentrates and isolates in Australia, and how these can be transformed via processing to design ingredients with positive sensory attributes and proven health benefits.

“Plant-based meat and milk alternatives made from soy and other plant-proteins offer environmental benefits such as lower green-house gas emissions and water usage. However, they do not provide the same properties and sensory quality as their animal counterparts. Addressing these traditional consumer preferences is considered the key to unlocking massive growth in the consumption of animal-free foods globally,” the Australasian Grain Science Association said.

For more information and to register for the webinar, click here.

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